Growing threats to online privacy, identity theft and the increased power of regulators to impose fines of up to £0.5 million are some of the drivers for compliance with data protection.

E RADAR's new Data Protection Audit Service can help organisations get peace of mind when complying with their legal and regulatory requirements under UK data protection laws.

Data Protection audit details

E RADAR's independent, trusted and innovative service identifies cost-effective ways in which your organisation can protect personal information belonging to customers, suppliers and other supply chain partners. With more business processes now going online now is the time to ensure that your organisation does not become the weak link in the supply chain. And with more small and medium-sized enterprises looking to contract with government you'll need to ensure that your data protection compliance is done correctly.

Our audit service provides a unique 'snap shot' of your organisation's current level of compliance with data protection. We'll identify any gaps across your information systems and networks and what you'll need to do to fix them.

Your assigned assessor will visit you and carry out friendly, structured interviews with relevant stakeholders, assessing your organisation's procedures, systems, records and activities to:

  • Ensure that your policies and procedures are suitable;
  • Verify that these policies and procedures are implemented effectively;
  • Test the adequacy of your data protection measures;
  • Identify any potential or real breaches of compliance; and
  • Recommend pragmatic improvements to assure data protection through good practice.

You will receive a confidential Data Protection Audit Report. This is an essential foundation for your compliance strategy and evidence of diligence in your overall corporate governance.

Benefits of the service

  • Help you to raise awareness of data protection;
  • Show that your organisation is committed to data protection;
  • The opportunity to use E RADAR resources;
  • Independent assurance of data protection policies and practices;
  • Identification of data protection risks with practical, pragmatic, recommendations; to treat them to satisfy the Information Commissioner's Office;
  • Entry level into a programme leading to accreditation of your data protection practices with a mark of approval for your website other promotional literature.


The cost of the Data Protection Audit is £4995 (+ VAT at the current rate and expenses).

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