Business Innovation and Skills (BIS)

Monitoring and ScrutinyThe UK Government's Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) promotes sustained growth and higher skills across the economy.

The department has around 2,500 staff and is structured into eight management groups:

  • Business and Skills
  • Economics, Strategy and Better Regulation
  • Finance and Commercial
  • Knowledge and Innovation
  • Legal, People and Communications
  • Market Frameworks
  • Shareholder Executive
  • UK Trade & Investment

BIS and HM Treasury set up the Growth Review in November 2010 which in invites business to take part in a fundamental assessment of what each part of Government is doing to create the best conditions for private sector growth. It is a rolling programme that will last the lifetime of this Parliament.



  • The National Skills Academy
  • Intellectual Property Office (IPO)


Information Services and Information Technology (IS/IT)

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills is a major customer for digital products and services. Its procurement follows some key objectives:

  • obtaining maximum value for money in contracting for the goods and services that enable the department to deliver its business objectives;
  • enhancing the competitiveness of the supply base;
  • ‘value for money’ means the optimal combination of costs, service delivery and quality.

BIS is responsible for developing business opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs with up to 250 employees. ‘Value for money’ is the only deciding factor when we award contracts competitively but, given our wider responsibility, we strongly encourage SMEs to bid for the departmental contracts they believe they could fulfill.

In support of the government’s commitment to support SMEs BIS has agreed a number of practical steps to facilitate SMEs doing business with the department.

For further information on procurement opportunities visit the BIS procurement website.