About Dr. Daniel Dresner

Information assurance, security and governance professional. International security standards specialist. Authored source escrow standards. E RADAR Research Director.

In the blue corner: mobile strategy; bring-your-own-device in the red

In the blue corner: mobile strategy; bring-your-own-device in the red

Here at E RADAR we recognise that mobile enterprise is the future for information society and the digital economy. The important thing is making that mobility safe and legal. That’s no mean feat given the risks created by the ‘Martini factor’ of ‘Any time, any place’ (except certain Greater Manchester suburbs where a rationalisation of […]

Consultation Response – EU Network and Information Security Directive

E RADAR has submitted its response to the UK Government’s consultation on the proposed EU Directive on Network and Information Security Online business is global business. The revolution of digital technologies has changed society and our economy fundamentally. The ease of accessibility and searchability of information contained in computer systems, combined with the practically unlimited […]

Desert Island Security Controls

It is a long-standing British principle that when you are washed up on a desert island, you can only take 8 whatevers with you. I am indebted to Barclaycard’s Neira Jones for drawing my attention to a Forbes article (http://www.forbes.com/sites/capitalonespark/2012/12/17/5-ways-small-businesses-can-protect-against-cybercrime/) which cites 5 ‘must have’ security activities for SMEs. Well we’re British and if 8 […]