Electronic Personnel Records – Staff Appointment

Before staff appointment, the prospective employee need to agree the organisation's terms and conditions of service.

Depending upon the appointee's status, this may involve correspondence between personnel and the employing department.

Special allowances for accommodation, travel, car and so on may need to be negotiated.

Appointees may also have to sign the Official Secrets Act or guarantee of confidentiality form. In some cases the organisation will also require the appointee to undergo a medical, particularly if health case insurance is one of the staff benefits.

Electronic records management

Staff AppointmentAs soon as the recruit is in post, the staff list must be amended, accounts and the IT department informed. A personnel file should be opened to which should be added the application form, a statement of any non-standard terms and conditions, letter of appointment, medical certificate, evidence used to verify the date of birth and qualifications held by the candidate.

Pay particular attention to the backgrounds of casual, temporary and agency workers. Can you be sure that the early morning cleaner is who he says and not a member of a ransom gang corrupting your business systems and networks? Ensure that recruitment agencies with whom you work carry out the appropriate security procedures prior to staff appointment.

SIA licensing

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) licenses security staff who are employed by security agencies, under the Private Security Industry Act 2001.

However, a grey area exists on the Authority’s ability to supervise self-employed security consultants. Carry out extra checks and seek additional references in such circumstances.

Records issues

Further information

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