“There are few individuals who know more about E-business policy than Will. He uses his many years of experience in the field to give practical advice on issues like data protection and e-commerce legislation.

I worked with Will as part of the E-business Regulatory Alliance and was always impressed by his drive and dedication to the projects we were involved in. We fought shoulder to shoulder on the Services Directive negotiations and again on Rome I and I couldn’t ask for a better ally.”

Kerry Kent, Chairwoman, Avouch Capital UK LLP

“Will demonstrates a unique combination of legal expertise, technical grasp and insight into the implications of public policy for e-business. Plus he shows the energy and determination to make an effective diference. I warmly recommend Will as an expert contributor and reliable, cheerful colleague.

I first worked with Will when he was a co-founder and prime contributor to the success of the Alliance for Electronic Business in the 1990s. I have continued to be impressed by him in the years since, not least in driving forward the e-business policy agenda for the UK.”

Chris Godwin, Former Government Affairs Manager, IBM

“I’ve worked with Will since the late 1990s on many important briefings affecting global businesses and UK plc.

Will’s in-depth knowledge and experience of digital governance and the impact this has on corporate organisations is essential to boardroom strategic decision-making. He is a top business and legal policy professional who can empathise with stakeholders and just gets on with the job in hand. Highly recommended.”

Barbara Walker, Former Director CBI, IORMA 

“I have worked with Will on many projects and initiatives over many years… He has excellent analytical skills together with a pragmatic view of the legal, compliance and regulatory landscape and how it works in a business environment… Couple that with the drive and determination to see a programme through to a successful conclusion. Will is a real asset to any business, but above all, he is one of the most genuine, open and honest professionals I have had the pleasure of working with… and have made a great friend along the journey”

Ian Jones, Director of Operations, Practice Managers Association