9 Ways To Develop Your Business Ideas

Having great business ideas is one thing, taking those business ideas to market is something else.

Simply... dream, believe and achieve. Have the fortitude and determination to win.

Successful entrepreneurs are able to put their business ideas into practice. Entrepreneurs are always learning. They build upon their strengths, understand their weaknesses, see the opportunities and anticipate the threats.

Being an entrepreneur and business owner takes self belief, commitment, hard work, resilience and determination - it's often a lonely life with daily challenges and constant setbacks.

Once you have made that decision to start your own online business you're on a steep learning curve that never ends. E RADAR can help make it that little bit easier for you.

Network and ask questions

  • Join in our professional networking events;
  • Ask your questions and get answers in our forums;
  • Read our articles on a variety of topics, products and services;
  • Understand the world of startups.

Solve a problem

Focus on the vision not business ideas - Visions stay, business ideas change! Find something you want to change in the world: make it easier for people to travel, find a home, deal with their finances. Solve problems or open up real opportunities - think big! Find the problems that you face in everyday life and look for the solution. Search for the ways to disrupt outdated industries. It is a perfect time for networking and sharing your vision with others.

Validate your business ideas

As soon as you have a great disruptive startup idea that will change the world, start talking to people about it. It is important to get early feedback for your ideas. If people buy in to your ideas, it is a sign you are on the right track and the product will work:

  • Get yourself known - attend our regular networking events and start pitching your business ideas;
  • Ask opinions in our groups and forums on a variety of topics.
  • Read our articles or check out external sources of information to market test your business ideas.
  • Check whether your business ideas are already being offered and how strong is the competition.
  • Attend workshops for early-stage startups aimed for developing your idea and creating a product.

By the end of the stage you may have built a minimum Viable Product or Prototype and demonstrate that there is a market.