The 10 Commandments For Digital Life

Taking steps to protect ourselves from harm when using our digital persona is essential. The 10 Commandments For Digital Life set out some key considerations for us to follow when interacting with others online.

Neira Jones, Barclaycard's ex head of payment security has just published her 10 Commandments For Digital Life.

It is a succinct set of rules, straight to the point.

I like top ten lists, we need more of them! In an age when (apparently) ninety five percent of the world's data was created in the last 2 years (by 2020, this statistic is expected to adjust to just 24 hours) we are regularly deluged with brilliant, well considered comments, opinions and factual information in online chat rooms, forums and other digital spaces.

But, it's all information overkill. Today's challenge is how to simplify all that richness of knowledge and experience so that it can help others? Can we put it into a framework of business best practice?

Professional social networking websites such as LinkedIn are missing a commercial trick. They are getting lost in the process of creating too much information for themselves rather than for the benefit of their users. How many LinkedIn forum discussions come up in search engine results? None.

Yet, these are the online users creating the next generation of smart Internet. But, we're not capturing their views effectively to help inform us on the decisions that matter.

Moses got it right with his original 10 Commandments. He'd learned the art of presenting information clearly and precisely as he wanted his rules to be followed correctly


The 10 Commandments For Digital Life

Thou shalt protect your digital identity. For he who steals thy good name from you may very well be enriching himself and making thou all the more poorer.

Thou shalt deploy multi-factor authentication, where available.

Thou shalt not reuse passwords across multiple online accounts.

Remember to help others protect themselves online as you would expect them to help you.

Honour thy anti-virus scanning and updating schedule.

Thou shalt not click on URLs received in emails (ever) lest they might contain malicious code.

Thou shalt not post on social media what thou would not want to see on the front page of a newspaper. And thou shalt not moan about privacy if you do.

Thou shalt not jailbreak your smartphone lest thou may introduce vulnerabilities thou cannot cope with.

Thou shalt not accept thy neighbour’s social network connection request indiscriminately lest it could be a phishing attack.

Thou shalt not covet dodgy apps as they will harm you. Thou shalt stick to the approved app stores.