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Benefits of E RADAR Membership

  • Find out all you need to know about electronic business, the opportunities and the risks.
  • Stay informed about the latest laws, regulations, standards and good practice.
  • Save time and money by having all the resources you need in one place.
  • Take the right decisions quickly using peer group knowledge and experience.
  • Be smarter in the boardroom when briefing colleagues and decision makers.
  • Have more confidence when managing your project and business teams.
  • Identify, understand and manage the risks which may damage your organisation’s reputation.
  • Get competitive and collaborative advantage when trading online.
  • Stay in control and keep one step ahead of your competitors.
  • Connect and share ideas with like-minded professionals looking for help, advice and guidance.
  • Get updates and insights on the latest legal and regulatory developments and how these impact upon your digital business.
  • Get trusted, independent and unbiased advice on products and services.
  • Be more efficient at work and play.
  • Use our fantastic, easy-to-use online features to help you get the most out of doing business electronically.

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Need our help? Call us on +44 (0)7428 253510. Line is open Monday to Friday between 0900 and 1700 (UK). You can also email us using the form below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is E RADAR? 

E RADAR is the Chamber for Electronic Business. We are based in the United Kingdom but promote the opportunities and benefits of the digital economy here, in Europe and around the world. After all, online business is global business.

2. What do you do?

We help business owners, entrepreneurs and top managers get competitive and collaborative advantage online by sharing thought leadership and good practice. We do this by providing an online networking platform and business hub which is updated daily. We’re also building a pan global network of digital champions who can share knowledge and experience with those businesses that need help when trading electronically.

We also promote legal certainty for all organisations enabled electronically.

3. E RADAR is just another business association?

No! For a start, we’re profit-driven offering products and services which support organisations doing business electronically. We also work with a network of business partners to source trusted business solutions.

Until now, we don’t think that there has been any organisation globally that focuses on the end-to-end legal, regulatory and business issues and challenges facing small and medium-sized business trying to compete in an electronic economy. We support ”off the shelf” solutions to make electronic contracting easier for all participants in business to business supply and demand.

As former VP of Silanis, Simon Cattlin says

“For the Digital CEO/Entrepreneur E RADAR is fast becoming the online Magna Carta covering the breadth of what you need to know, as you need to know it, relative to the legal and regulatory frameworks for the high growth online world.”

“We think our content is a must have to be an successful leader and director – build an effective organisation, make money faster, don¹t screw up and build a solid business reputation.”

Simon Cattlin, CEO SCCV Limited, E RADAR Board Member


4. Why is membership so cheap?

We don’t have expensive overheads like so many membership organisations. We have a small team based in Yorkshire and around half a dozen team members working remotely, globally. We think this operational model reflects those of many small and medium-sized businesses that are seizing the opportunities brought by the digital economy.

We also want to ensure that everyone can benefit from E RADAR membership.

5. Who drives E RADAR?

E RADAR’s founder and CEO Will Roebuck has over 20 years experience working with blue chip companies at board level, as well as small and medium sized enterprises. He was legal policy advisor of the Alliance for Electronic Business team (which included the CBI, Direct Marketing Association, GS1 and Tech UK) which advised UK and EU governments on the original e-commerce, privacy and interception laws.

Dr Daniel Dresner is E RADAR’s Director of Research. He has a strong track record in IT standards, information and network security. Like Will, he has advised government and business on risk management issues and is a visiting lecturer at one of the UK’s top universities (Manchester) for computer science.

Simon Cattlin has a strong software sales background working for large organisations at VP level, including Silanis. He now sits on E RADAR’s board advising on strategy.

The Earl of Erroll (Merlin Erroll) is E RADAR’s President. He is a cross bench peer sitting in the UK House of Lords with a special interest in everything IT and digital, including big data, interception, online privacy and electronic business.



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