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Mobile commerce, or M-commerce is any business transaction done by using a mobile electronic device. A mobile device might include a mobile phone, a personal digital assistant (PDA), a smart phone, or other emerging mobile equipment.
As the use of mobile technologies are increasing so do the legal and regulatory risks, as well as the threats to online security.

Latest articles

Access Assist – Data Protection App

apple, ipad

International law firm Allen and Overy are certainly thinking outside the box! For the corporate law firm launched a data protection app back in 2012 that aims to help organisations respond to subject access requests (SARs). The app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPad. Known as Access Assist, this smart little [...]

Securing Mobile Payments


International corporate VP and E RADAR Trustee Simon Cattlin looks at securing mobile payments as an essential element in forming an electronic contract via a mobile device, in his presentation to E RADAR’s Trust in Mobile Enterprise Summit. With over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry Simon highlighted the UK’s economic need to get [...]

Mobile Digital Evidence

e-contract, infrastructure contracts, online contract, contracting online, mobile digital evidence

Keith Cottenden, CY4OR’s Director and Head of Investigations Team discussed the issues and challenges facing digital forensics and mobile enterprise at E RADAR’s Trust in Mobile Enterprise Summit, held in Manchester on 10th October 2013. Conference delegates heard that most small and medium-sized firms are putting themselves at risk by not having in place a forensic [...]

BYOD Policy – What’s holding you back?

byod policy, it consumerisation

The first of E RADAR’s flagship digital business summits is taking place in Manchester next week with discussion and debate on the opportunities and threats with mobile enterprise and mobile working. Top speakers from industry, government and academia will challenge delegates with 6 hours of back to back seminars on the key issues that matter. Keynote [...]

Small Businesses Leading Digital Payment Revolution

digital payment

E RADAR’s Will Roebuck discusses the opportunities around mobile enterprise and demonstrates that small and medium sized organisations are leading the way in digital payment. The $5.5 trillion retail-transaction market is expected to undergo big changes during the next few years, and small businesses may be at the forefront of the movement. Data collected by [...]

Busting the myths on mobile commerce

mobile strategy,Mobile Technology Services, mobile commerce, what is android, mobile enterprise

I recently attended a Technology Strategy Board meeting in Salford Keys to discuss the latest funding opportunities  for innovation in mobile commerce. First impressions – a great bunch of people all passionate about online business, innovation and the opportunities m-commerce can bring. What struck me was the get-up-an-go attitude not only from UK-based innovators but [...]

London 2012 – What are your IT contingency plans?

Mobile phone

The 2012 Olympics are considered the first ‘iPad’ Olympics with visitors communicating their own experiences to family, friends, and colleagues around the world using personal devices and (hopefully) safe and secure systems and networks. But with the thousands of visitors to London this Summer, how will your own organisation function? Will your employees be able [...]