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Lords support Commission Against BDUK Framework

House of Lords

The Lords … have come up with a relatively simple way of enabling ministers to save face by focussing the BDUK framework on access and inter-operability rather than nominal speeds. However the world has moved on. The time has come for "Infrastructure UK" to purge and merge the relevant operations of DCMS, DECC and BIS and make the UK a location of choice for pension and wealth funds, not government, to pick winners.

Are security awareness campaigns a waste of time?


I will ask whether anyone is interested in helping organise an awareness campaign to change the behaviour of the app developers who condemn so many of us to be victimised, however many anti-malware products we install to slow down our systems as they fight each other for control while failing to protect us against well-targetted phishing.

Has the Olympic cyberwar begun?

Data Head, cyber battles, source code escrow

This is the first games to be held in a major financial centre since 1948. The Internet will indeed have come of age if card and on-line fraud can be held to negligible amounts without seriously inconveniencing customers. Howver, the temptation, at least for Daily Telegraph readers, to carry sufficient cash to be worth mugging, in case your cards do not work, has just risen.

Is BDUK a triumph or a disaster – and for whom?

Money and the Economy, eprocurement

Given the lack of policy co-ordination and thought leadership at the centre, it is incumbent on those who wish to see economic recovery pulled through by 1930s style infrastructure investment (c.f, the building of the National Grid) to provide this themselves: whether they do so on a party political basis (e.g. via the Conservative Technology Forum) or on all all-party basis via the Information Society Alliance (EURIM) or both in parallel.

Who put the Rip-off into RIPA?

Philip Virgo 2012

It is not just the libertarian supporters of Big Brother Watch who want to preserve the anonymity that lies at the heart of the current Internet. The current proposals are about preserving anonymity for the cyberwarriors of government while denying it to the rest of us.