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Boardroom Governance: Rebuilding Confidence in Online Security after PRISM

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This should be good news for heads of Risk and of Information Security but most are too bogged down with data protection, breach notification and ISO 27000 to make use of the unique window of opportunity that has been presented to them. Meanwhile those engaged in hyping Big Data, Cloud, Off-shoring and Outsourcing, without seriously considering the implications for security and resilience, let alone flexibility, face an even bigger challenge.

Is the EU Network and Information Security Directive a bigger threat than Al Qaeda?

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The focus should be on making it much easier to report attacks to those who will take action against predators and those who have aided and abetted them, not to regulators who will merely penalise the messenger. The only mandatory requirements should be on those to whom attacks are reported. This should include acting as a "first stop shop" and passing reports to those who may be in a better position to take action.

Communications Surveillance – Free Market On-line World Under Attack

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one of the lessons from the past is that the Internet as currently conceived cannot survive unless those who want it to do so work together to help rebuild confidence that it is worth protecting. And if it is going to have to continue to evolve, it is even more important to work together to ensure that it evolves into something better suited to the needs of the majority of law abiding citizens and businesses.

Top analyst slams DWP website for failing disabled users

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"The GDS should increase its behavioural research to see what prevents capable internet users from using online public services more. Our research suggests there are reasons other than lack of awareness, frustration with services or lack of trust. Some users feel that, while a digital channel is appropriate for shopping, it is not formal enough for some government business. GDS needs to understand these behaviours".

Anonymous Justice in the Internet Age

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I have just been sent a link to a story of how "Anonymous", whoever or whatever they are, "solved" a particularly nasty case of gang rape and cyberbullying leading to suicide inside two hours after the RCMP had got no-where in year. The case raises many issues from how police investigations should be conducted in the Internet Age through to the evidential quality, if any, of material that is widely circulated and believed.

Cybersecurity: Will the new EU Directive do more good than harm?

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We need to bring the indigenous (i.e. UK and EU) industry players together, via groups like the Digital Policy Alliance, working in co-opeation with PICTFOR in the UK and the EIF in Brussels, to help politicians "scrutinise" the small print in proposals, like the Directive and the accompanying regulations to strengthen the position of ENISA and Europol, to ensure that they really do do more good than harm.

The 10 | 12 Scams of Christmas 2012

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I have just done a quick comparison of the Scams of Christmas of Christmas since I last blogged on this topic in 2010. McAfee has again found twelve . For those who do not like to have to read words there is also a photolist . The main difference with the list in 2010 results from the transition to a [...]