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New Commission measures to open up science in Europe

ICT can bring greater openness: regular readers will know how committed I am to delivering those benefits for everyone. Today, some exciting news about how we are also helping open up science, and a reminder of the benefits it can bring.
It’s partly about making access to scientific information more affordable. Currently, in many cases [...]

Electronics for Europe: chips with everything?

European Commissioner for Digital Agenda

Today another look at one of the big research areas the EU is investing in – micro- and nano-electronics.
Not so long ago, the earliest computers weighed tons, and filled an entire room. When you look at the difference between those behemoths and today’s gadgets – quite a lot of those changes are thanks to advances [...]

Photonics – a great example of EU research in action

Maybe you haven’t heard of Photonics? Or maybe you just think it’s something they might use to kill the bad guys in Star Trek? In fact, it’s not just real, it’s an incredibly important field of technology.

In manufacturing, for example, lasers can create new processes that lead to extraordinary high quality: faster, more accurate “zero [...]