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New Commission measures to open up science in Europe

ICT can bring greater openness: regular readers will know how committed I am to delivering those benefits for everyone. Today, some exciting news about how we are also helping open up science, and a reminder of the benefits it can bring.
It’s partly about making access to scientific information more affordable. Currently, in many cases [...]

Copyright: reforming EU law for the digital age

Last week’s vote on ACTA ? although hardly a surprise for those who’ve been following ? was a reminder about the big debate currently going on, about how to balance intellectual property rights with Internet freedoms
For me it’s about making it easier for artists to promote their work widely, and make a living from it: [...]

A new online platform to discuss the digital agenda

I don’t think we could make the Digital Agenda succeed without the active involvement of all those people who are out there and interested in making it happen – stakeholders and citizens. To get them together, last year we held the first ever Digital Agenda Assembly: which I found very refreshing, with lots of participation [...]

Photonics – a great example of EU research in action

Maybe you haven’t heard of Photonics? Or maybe you just think it’s something they might use to kill the bad guys in Star Trek? In fact, it’s not just real, it’s an incredibly important field of technology.

In manufacturing, for example, lasers can create new processes that lead to extraordinary high quality: faster, more accurate “zero [...]

Legal Analysis of a Single Market for the Information Society

An EU study supports the need to modernise and harmonise the legislative framework applicable to information society services in the Digital Single Market. A series of gaps and inconsistencies have appeared and may hinder the next generation of Europeans to turn their creativity into new services, growth and jobs. This study confirms that new and [...]