Balancing your business e-adoption against risk

Risk Management, e adoption risk ladder

E RADAR’s E Adoption Risk Ladder takes a step by step approach in helping you to understand the different stages of e-adoption and their associated risks.

From an organisation going online for the first time through developing an IT strategy to full e-business integration, the E Adoption Risk Ladder shows you what compliance actions you need to take.

The more e-enabled, the greater the risks

Doing business electronically is complicated business. This is made more difficult by the plethora of rules and regulations which apply to processes, technology, people and information.

And not just in one country. Suppliers of goods and services are finding themselves subject to different laws and regulations in whichever country they do business online. Increased globalisation means that companies often have subsidiaries in many different parts of the world where local rules also apply.

Yet the law is not just the domain of lawyers. Everyone in the organisation has a duty of responsibility towards the organisations they work for. The more e-enabled your organisation is, the more you’re on line, and the greater the risks become.

Business integration into the cyber world is one of evolution. Organisations take a succession of steps to get information and business systems online before doing any business over the Internet. As information and communications technology develops so too does the level of online sophistication companies have.

Social media and mobile enterprise are fast becoming the ‘new ways of doing things’. For today’s businesses to compete in open global markets and collaborate with partners large and small they need to show that they’ve adopted certain levels of compliance.

E RADAR’s E Adoption Risk Ladder will help you to achieve this goal.

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